Chris Ronak draws from 17 years of Software Design, Architecture and Management experience providing technology teams worldwide with impassioned but practical methods for creating successful software products and integrated solutions.

With this blog, Chris is eager to foster a fresh, next-generation approach to thinking about software development. The vision is to take a much more holistic view of the software product investment that includes all product stakeholders – from top to bottom back to top – and inspire full engagement as participants, owners and responsible stakeholders in success. This is delivered in a very candid and direct conversation.

As a recognized industry leader, Chris has worked with numerous business owners and leaders in technology organizations to develop key strategies that enable them to implement the processes, architecture and methodologies necessary for successful growth.

Having strong technical and business expertise along with experience in a wide range of industries internationally, Chris has a well-rounded, pragmatic view to solving and avoiding common technical challenges.

Please read, have fun and provide constructive feedback!

With my daughter Olivia in Devon, England 2009

With my daughter Olivia in Devon, England 2009


2 responses to “About

  1. Yes, technology is a tool not an answer. These are down to earth, common sense ideas in an increasingly irrational business world. Good stuff!

  2. Hey, I’m enjoying your blog. Don’t stop now! Wow, you are a Daddy? Congratulations!!!

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